What Happens After The 30-Days Trial Ends?


You installed the 30-days trial version of NS8 Protect that is about to expire and you want to know if there is an automatic delete of the contract when the 30 days finish, if the contract renews automatically after this period expires, or what are the charges after the 30-days trial ends.



NS8 Protect cannot automatically charge you or renew your contract. When the trial period ends, you will get a screen in the Billing section like the following:



If you do not choose a plan or enter a payment method, you won't be able to use the app anymore and you won't be charged. For information regarding the current plans and the billing policies, consult the NS8 Billing Policy: Plans and Additional Charges Based on Scores KB Article.

If you decide to do nothing, the application/module will remain installed but it will stop working as the subscription will be canceled at our end and there will be no communication with the NS8 Protect servers. For more information, consult the NS8 Protect Is Not Working KB Article.


Working with the Account Management Team

The Account Manager can help you analyze your data post which will help you decide to accept or delete the NS8 Protect app. If you require a run-through of the application, the Account Manager can also help you set up a live demonstration of the product as well. In such a case, contact your Account Manager and provide him with the information stated in the Getting Help with Account Issues: Trials, Cancellation, Plans, and Billing KB Article.




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