Why an Order is Showing as High Risk?


This article explains what factors can affect an order's risk settings and where to look when you want to understand why a specific order got an NS8 Risk of High.



The detailed order information can be seen by accessing the NS8 Protect dashboard and going to Order Protection > Suspicious Orders and clicking on the particular order number.

There are common factors that alter the score (and in consequence, the Risk) of an order in NS8 Protect.


Hovering over the question mark next to the Risk status will display the explanation of why an order can be set to that Risk status. If you want to investigate the reason why your Risk is set to High in any case, complete the following steps:

  1. Check the IP Address found in the order on a blacklist checker website (eg: BlacklistMaster):


    When an IP address is listed as spam on different sites, NS8 will lower the score, which can cause the score to enter into the High-Risk threshold.

  2. Check the Orders Log:


    The reason that triggered the Risk to High will be listed in the logs. It can be because of Hidden session/s (which may have timed out), or the Risk threshold is set to mark this score as High in the Settings/Support > Settings screen (as per the Merchant settings). Actually, there are cases like Known bots or Fast clicking that can also modify the Risk level to High. Checking the log will always give you an idea of what triggered this risk status.

After analyzing the order, if you think that the reasons are appropriate that the order was marked as high-risk, then it is recommended to send a verification request to that customer before the order is processed further.



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