Can I Check Orders that Arrived Before the NS8 Protect Installation?


You have recently downloaded/started with NS8 Protect app and have installed it in your eCommerce store. You want to know and verify if you can review old pre-existing orders for fraud (i.e., the orders that arrived/were created prior to this installation of NS8 Protect in your eCommerce store), import and integrate these previous orders with NS8 Protect, or if NS8 Protect works on only the orders that are created going forward after the installation.



Orders will be scored automatically right after the installation of NS8 Protect. If one of the admins of your eCommerce platform uninstalled the NS8 Protect plugin, then you must reinstall it back if you want upcoming orders to be reviewed. Orders placed before the NS8 Protect installation or during the time NS8 Protect was uninstalled will also not be seen in NS8 Protect.

Unfortunately, NS8 Protect by design cannot evaluate orders that were created before the installation of the tool or during the timeframe it was uninstalled/reinstalled.

NS8 Protect scores the users' session details and payment information and that is run through our scoring algorithms to determine if orders are fraud or not. So, if the order is already created in the system before the NS8 Protect installation it is not possible to integrate these orders with NS8 Protect and retroactively score them since the required information to score these orders will not be available for NS8 Protect.

That being said, any assistance or advice request related to orders that arrived previous to the installation of NS8 Protect is out of the NS8 Protect's support scope.

  • We recommend you to check the Fraud Analysis article if you want to learn more about the native Fraud Analysis service provided by the Shopify platform, in case this is your primary eCommerce platform. Otherwise, consult the Helpcenter of your eCommerce instance for more information.



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