Orders showing an EQ8 Score of Zero (0)


There are one or more orders on the Suspicious Orders page in NS8 Protect that are having a very low EQ8 score or an EQ8 score of zero (0).


Access to the NS8 Protect interface is required to confirm the below conditions. This issue usually occurs when a combination of the below conditions occurs on the orders:

  • The IP address from which the order was placed is associated with a blacklist.
  • The entire transaction to place the order took really less time (about 10 seconds). This can be seen from the navigation history in NS8 Protect.

Due to the above conditions, the Payment risk score for the order can be a very high percentage (eg: 99%), which can lead to a very low or a zero EQ8 score.

In case the EQ8 score is very low or zero, the payment risk score is a very high percentage but the order is shown as low risk by NS8, then, it can happen due to a rule in your NS8 Protect where verified orders are set to change to low risk.

In such high-risk cases, it is best to send a verification mail to the customer (if not already) who has placed the order to confirm the validity of the purchase.




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