'Order Details are not yet Available' Error seen


You are trying out the NS8 Protect app on your eCommerce platform (eg: Shopify) and there is/are order/s that are coming up as high-risk for fraud on the platform. When selecting NS8 Order Review for these orders (to know/analyze if these orders are fraud or not), a message saying that the order details are not yet available is seen for these orders.


This issue occurs when the NS8 Protect app was installed recently and you are trying to review those order/s for fraud which were created in the system before NS8 Protect app was installed. This behavior is by design where NS8 Protect cannot evaluate orders which were created before the NS8 Protect installation or during the period for which it was uninstalled and then reinstalled.

As an additional note, any support related to these orders is also out of scope of NS8 Protect's Support team.



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