Remove Auto-fulfill Order Settings in NS8 Protect


The order processing setting in your Shopify store is set to manual mode and you would like to remove the autofill setting in NS8 Protect and switch the corresponding order intercept setting in NS8 Protect from autofill to manual as well so that there are no discrepancies in orders' processing.


Follow the below steps on the NS8 Protect dashboard:

  1. Go to Settings/Support > Settings:


  1. Select the Intercept between Payment Capture and Order Fulfillment setting.
  2. Click on order processing set to not auto-fulfill orders link. This will provide you the information related to the setting that needs to be made on Shopify to not automatically fulfill the orders' items. This can be useful in case the related setting on Shopify is not already set to manual.


  1. Click Save

Note: If your Shopify store already has the settings to not automatically fulfill the orders' items, the above change still needs to be made and saved in NS8 Protect.

If the settings in Shopify are not set to be in manual mode, then they can also be changed directly on Shopify by logging into your Shopify store and going to Settings > Checkout > Order processing and selecting the setting to not automatically fulfill any of the orders' items.



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