Information Related to Phone Number used for SMS Verification


When 2FA Verification requests are sent to the customers for order verification, the SMS verification using a phone number is a part of the request. This article provides information on what number can the customers use for this verification and where the number can be found on the NS8 Protect interface.


When customers first receive an email as part of the 2FA verification request and they confirm the verification request (by clicking Go To Verification in the email), they are prompted for a phone number on which they can receive text messages, so that they can receive the SMS verification code on that number. This number can be any number and can be different than the number that was used by the customer when they placed the order.

The number eventually used by the customer for verification can be seen on NS8 Protect by going to the NS8 Protect dashboard and clicking Order Protection > Suspicious Orders. The Customer Verification Phone column has the phone number used for SMS verification:


Note: In case the customer's order is not seen on the Suspicious Orders page by default, then a change in the filters would be required to display the order.



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