Order Information in NS8 Protect


You want to see the information of different orders in NS8 Protect. This article provides the details of what all information related to orders is available in NS8 Protect.



This data can be accessed from the NS8 Protect dashboard by going to Order Protection > Suspicious Orders:


By default, the Suspicious Orders page provides a summary of suspicious orders placed within a specified time frame. However, the orders shown on this page can be changed by applying different available filters. So, this page can be used to understand/analyze any user data and risk factors associated with any other orders as well.

The various other elements on this page are below:

  • Date selector: Group data by intervals. The default intervals available are Today, Last 24 Hours, Yesterday, and Last 7 Days. To create custom date and time intervals use the calendar by clicking in the date area.


  • To add and remove data columns, customize columns by clicking on CustomizeColumn.JPG
  • Filters: This page shows orders that have an NS8 Order Status of Merchant Review and an NS8 Risk of Medium or High by default. Orders that have already been approved/canceled or orders with an NS8 Risk of Low will not appear on this page unless you apply customized filters.
  • NS8 Order Status - By default, orders in Merchant Review status (they have not been approved or canceled) appear on this page. You can cancel or approve an order based on our recommendation or select the ellipses (...) for that order for more options like customer verification. Selecting an action opens an additional menu that asks you to confirm your choice.
  • The heat map: This shows the location of the orders (on a map) in the data that appears on the page.
  • All the details about the orders as per the filters are seen on this page. By default, orders appear by order time, with the most recent orders appearing first. To open the Order Review page, click an order number.

On this Suspicious Orders page, by default, you can see each order's score, order price, user risk factor, payment risk factor, and whether you are waiting to receive customer verification for that order. Before you cancel or approve an order, weigh the risks of the associated information using this data on this page. For example, if an order has an extremely low score and a high payment risk score, you might cancel the order. If an order has a medium score and a moderate payment risk score, you can run customer verification for the order and wait for confirmation before you approve or cancel it.



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