What it means when a Visitor is from Proxy?


When users are visiting your eCommerce website, some visitors are shown to be coming from a proxy (eg: Google proxy) in the NS8 application. This article provides information on what it means, the implications of the same, and how the users can be blocked.



Proxies are also commonly referred to as VPN services. The proxy servers are usually used to hide or anonymize the original identity of the user by routing the traffic through the proxy server. This helps the user to be difficult to distinguish from any other genuine user who is browsing the eCommerce website. Hence, the risk associated with such users (coming via a proxy server) is high because legitimate users usually don't use any type of proxy server.

These users can be blocked by using the NS8 Protect app. So, if you are using the NS8 Visitors app, it is recommended to uninstall it and use the NS8 Protect app instead to block such users that are coming from public proxies.



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