Fraud Orders are Notified by Payment Processor but not by NS8 Protect


Your payment processor service (eg: reports certain orders as fraud, but NS8 Protect didn't block them or report them as fraud and hence, they reached the payment processor service. Due to this, you need to now cancel the orders from your eCommerce platform (eg: Shopify) after declining them on the payment processor platform as well. This article provides the steps to prevent this from happening so that you can avoid any chargeback issues with your payment processor.



Below steps can be performed as per the requirements in your environment:

  • Create order rules such that when those rules are applied, the orders are declined or are sent for review to the customers who placed the orders or are automatically canceled. In case you already have rules in place, then you may need to modify them and/or change their order to prevent the fraud orders from proceeding further in the process without any checks.
  • Verify that the order intercept settings are in place as per your requirements. If there are any auto-fulfill settings, then they may need to be removed if needed. If required, you can also set the order intercept settings to be in Manual Mode, so that you can review all the orders until there's some pattern observed and then work with the order intercept settings and also setup/modify order rules accordingly.


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