Upgrade NS8 Protect to Starter Edition


You are using NS8 Protect on the 30-days trial period and would like to now upgrade to the Starter Edition, which is useful if you have a volume of up to 30K scores per month in your eCommerce store.



  1. Open the NS8 Protect Dashboard. You will see a banner Upgrade Now! banner. Click Upgrade to a paid version:


  1. You will be redirected to a billing screen, where you should select the Starter Edition. This also shows all the features available in this plan:


  1. Select your payment method, which will vary as per the eCommerce platform that you are working on, and make the payment.



After the payment is done, to confirm about the upgrade, from your NS8 Protect dashboard go to Settings/Support > Billing, and check the Account Status section, which will show Starter Edition as your selected active plan.



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