Reviewing Orders in NS8 Protect


You want to review an order for which the client who placed the order has even called you. This article provides all the steps that can be done for reviewing any orders in the NS8 Protect app.



The below steps can be performed from the NS8 Protect dashboard to determine if an order can be fraud or not:

  1. Find the order from Order Protection > Suspicious Orders. If the order is not seen, then apply the appropriate filters.
  2. Click on the Order number to view all it's details.
  3. The EQ8 Score section will show the EQ8 score for that order. The value of this score will be between 0 and 1000. The higher the score, the lesser the chances that it is a fraudulent order. So, the ideal value for this score is 1000.
  4. Under the Payment Issues section, information related to the payment risk associated with the order will be seen. A lower Payment Risk Score (PRS) indicates lower payment risk and a higher score indicates high risk. So, zero (0) is the ideal value for this. More information on this can be found in the What does the Payment Risk Score Indicate? article.
  5. In the same Payment Issues section, there is information related to the billing address, shipping address, and device location (device from which the order was placed). If all of these are the same, then that's the best case. If either of them is different, then a customer verification is recommended.
  6. The IP Address from where the order was placed is available under Session Details. Check if this IP address is blacklisted using a blacklist checker website (eg: BlacklistMaster). If it is blacklisted, then a customer verification is recommended
  7. At any point in the order review process, if you are unsure of the values of any of the parameters, then it is best to do a customer verification.

If there are no order rules setup in your environment, then it is recommended to setup the order rules as they help in automating the approval/cancelation process as per a set of pre-defined parameters. These defined rules will be applicable to future orders that are created.



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