Declining Orders as per Customer's Email Address and/or Domain


You have been receiving orders from a list of email addresses and/or domains and you are sure that these orders are fraud. So, for any new such orders that come in, you would like to automatically cancel them from NS8 Protect using different conditions from the NS8 Protect's rules feature.



Follow the below steps on the NS8 Protect dashboard:

  1. Go to Order Protection > Order Rules.
  2. Click Insert Rule.
  3. Add the condition/s based on Customer Email. If you are always getting the orders from the exact same email address/es, then the is equal to condition can be used. If you are getting the orders from the same domain and/or similar email addresses, then the contains condition can be used. Enter the email or the domain for each of the conditions. Make sure to select the OR condition at the top, so that if the order meets even a single condition out of all the defined conditions, then the rule will be applied to that order.
  4. When one or more of the above defined conditions are met, we want to cancel the order. So, the value for the If Yes field should be selected as Set NS8 Order Status to 'Canceled'.
  5. You should provide a Name (mandatory) for the rule and any (optional) Notes (for your own reference) and click OK.


The order rules in NS8 Protect are applied from top to bottom. So, after the rule is created, you can change the placing of the rule by using the MoveIcon.png icon on the same Order Rules page.

If you want to create complex rules, then you can also refer to our Setting Up Order Workflows article.



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