Manually Approving Orders After Customer Verification


You have sent a customer verification for an order and the customer has replied and approved it. You now want this order status to stay as it is (i.e., in quarantine) and then want to manually approve the order.



There are settings available in NS8 Protect where you can define what actions to take after a customer verification is successful or if it failed.

Below are the steps when you don't want to automatically make any changes to the order after it has been approved successfully by the customer:

  1. Login to the NS8 Protect dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings/Support > Settings.
  3. Under Customer Verification's sub-section of Successful Customer Verification, the first setting should be set to Do not change NS8 Order Status
  4. The second setting can be set to Do not change NS8 risk (this step is optional and can also be set to any other value. The value of this field will not auto-approve any orders).
  5. Click Save.


After these settings are saved, you will need to manually handle and approve the orders after the customer verification goes through successfully.



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