Are Wildcards Accepted when Defining Order Rules for Customer Email?


You are defining rules in NS8 Protect to filter, approve, or cancel/decline orders using the Customer Email as one of the fields/attributes and would like to know if wildcards (eg: * are allowed for the same.



Wildcards are not supported directly in NS8 Protect when defining rules. However, when defining a rule, for each attribute, there are conditions like is equal to, begins with, contains, etc. that are available, which are equivalent to the use of wildcards. Note that the list of conditions will vary as per the attribute and can be seen when defining the rules.

So, for example, if you want to decline/cancel all new orders where the customer's email contains, then an example of the rule is below:


More detailed information on declining orders as per customer's email address and/or domain can be found in our Declining Orders as per Customer's Email Address and/or Domain article.


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